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Interview with Nick Groff
​Stanley Hotel

Interview With Lee Kirkland Jennifer Kirkland and Jeff Waldridge from the haunted Queen Mary Ship.

In 2012 I became interested in the paranormal field while recovering from two major back surgeries, one which required me to learn to walk again.  As I was sitting there thinking "How am I going make it?" I saw an episode of Ghost Adventure on TV.  I decided to contact Nick Groff for information to learn how to investigate. At the time I was overweight at 450 pounds. Nick, with his guidance and motivation, helped me lose 220 pounds. This weight loss was key in being able to investigate paranormal sites.

In 2013, Nick suggested that I contact Debby Constantino (Angelina) and from there the adventures began at Copper Queen Hotel, in Bisbee, AZ, with Debby, Amy Goodwin, and Don Goodwin. It was the investigation that changed my life forever. Debby took me under her wing, so to speak, and with her amazing gift for teaching, we became close friends. With her teaching and the use of audio and video equipment, she taught me how to communicate with spirits and gain knowledge of the spirit world.

Since then, I have continued to learn at each investigation.

The Glen Tavern in Santa Paula, California with Debby Constantino, Jason Gates and Chad Lindberg 

The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA for the Peter James Tribute and charity event with the Temperillis

The Washoe Club in Virginia City, Nevada, with Ghost Files TV, Debby Constantino, and Amy Goodwin

The Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, Iowa with Debby Constantino, Johnny Houser, Scotty Rorek

Tombstone, AZ with the Temperillis as my guest

Nick Groff Tour at Mansfield State Reformatory in Ohio with John E.L. Tenney, Greg Dana Newkirk of Planet Weird, Johnny Houser, Debby Constantino

Star Of India and Berkley in San Diego with Debby Constantino,  EVP sessions at the Whaley House and The Hotel Coronado

Paranormal SuperCon with Nikiunparanormal and Rob Szarek, Jen Anderson with special guests Rosalyn Brown, the Mountain Gypsies, Chip Coffey, Dustin Peri and many others

The Grey Ghost Paracon on board the USS Hornet in Alameda, California, with Bill Chappel, Patrick Doyle, Loyd Auerbach, Josh Heard - Ghost Files TV, Matt Kazee, Harvey Althaus, Anna Hill and Sommer Jonez

Nick Groff Tour, Virginia City Event investigating Washoe Club, Mackay Mansion, St Mary Hospital, Piper Opera House, The Silver Queen Hotel, Bats in the BelfryTour

Nick Groff Tour, Estes Park, Colorado Event investigating The Stanley Hotel With SPI, Amy Allan 

Pennhurst Paragon 2, Spring Valley, Pennsylvania Event investigating Pennhurst State School and Hospital

Nick Groff Tour, Spring Valley, Pennsylvania Event investigating Pennhurst State School and Hospital

It’s my belief that spirits want their stories told about what happened to them good, bad or indifferent. Debby always told me our paths crossed for a certain reason. Without a doubt, there was a reason Nick introduced us and our paths crossed. Debby Constantino, also known as Debby Angelina believed, as I do, that spirits know when you are doing things for the right reason. I believe I am in the paranormal world to tell the spirits’ stories.

Nick Groff
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Interview With  
Karla Cavalli 

Interview With
​ Jeff Waldridge