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Virginia City NV. History of Washoe Club

​HAUNTED NEVADA With Your Host Scott Litaea WASHOE CLUB, Virginia City NV

The Washoe Club in Virginia City, Nevada, has a rich "Old West" history dating back to the mid-1800s. Word of silver beneath from the earth brought men seeking adventure and wealth. Virginia City, better known as "Old Virginny Town" by the residents, became a booming city with businesses, hospitals, schools and even an opera house to support the successful mining industry.  

As the number of wealthy citizens grew, so did the need for a place for the men to meet, indulge in great amounts of liquor, talk business and entertain prostitutes. The Washoe Club was created around the prosperity of Virginia City and the Club soon became known as the "Millionaire's Club". 

The colorful "wild west" was never far away.  Gun fights, family disputes, mining tragedies, illness and frequent accidents resulted in deaths.  Brutal winters left the ground frozen and a Washoe Club room became the holding area for dead bodies until grave diggers could dig graves in the Spring. Accidents in the mines left dozens of men buried where they worked in the tunnels and visitors often hear voices and sense their spirits nearby.

The haunting of The Washoe Club is legendary.  A blonde "Lady in Blue" is often seen at the top of the spiral staircase.  A mischievous spirit of an old prospector frequents the bar where full shot glasses of bourbon mysteriously become empty, bar stools move and the saloon doors mysteriously swing open for ladies entering the bar. Even the ghost of a scared little girl can be seen on occasion.

Visiting Virginia City, Nevada, is an experience of a lifetime.  No words can describe this once-booming industrial city built on the side of a mountain between Denver and San Francisco, only 15 minutes from Carson City.  The Washoe Club spirits welcome you!